Therapist and Life Coaches: An Overview


The first difference between life coaching and therapy is the evaluation process that a patient goes through once they enter the session. In the former, the patient pays no attention in determining the cause of a problem while the latter sees to it that a diagnose has been taken. Secondly, life coaches choose to regard the current set of affairs with an objective of helping the patient to adjust positively to life while therapist takes it upon themselves to reopen the past as a way to help figure out the explanations of present behavioral patterns to be able to secure the future positively. Other than that, it is wise to note that therapists are more concerned with the reasons why a particular situation came to be and thus, the potential solutions on how to solve those particular circumstances. On the other hand, life coaches focus their attention on how the situation got to be in the first place. Last but still considered as relevant as the rest, it goes without being mentioned that life coaches chisel their professional obligation towards helping their patients understand the relevance if developing personal and ideal goals of life whereas therapists are all about aiding their victims to move past traumatic experiences in the past.

Despite the difference present between therapy and life coach here , there are similarities too between them. The similarities between the two are not that many, but the impacts gained from it are many. Talking of an example of a similarity between the two is on the impacts from it. Therapy and life coach are considered as a form of treatment one can use instead of the use medicines. It is a kind of treatment that can be applied in any time of age group; the young, the middle and the old group.

Both treatments are focused on individual challenges and offer them solutions on how to overcome them to prevent the occurrence of future adverse impacts. They are defined to as natural human forms of a treat, which means that despite their indifference, they are still based on the fact that they are targeted to humane treatment, click to know more!

The two are somehow related. Despite the definition that therapy is about the past and coaching the future, some of the life coaching sessions include therapy in their form of treatment processes. The solutions that are provided in life coaching sessions are based on some of the past experiences that one goes through in a therapy session which it relies on classes such as behavioral changes, emotional advice and also motivation speaking. For more facts and info about Counseling, Visit .